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March 24, 2020

Livestream Masses, virtual concerts and events


During this difficult time, many Catholics are looking for ways to supplement our personal expressions of faith. Whether it’s holy hour, a prayer group at the parish or daily Mass, many of us are finding holes in our day — holes that were once filled with parish activities. The artists and presenters in the OCP family are facing similar challenges in their daily parish ministry. We have created this page with the hope that it will help those seeking experiences of prayer and worship with the OCP composers and artists aiming to serve them remotely.

Below you will find a map containing streamed Masses from around the world, as well as a calendar of upcoming livestream events — offering music, prayer and worship for the faithful. Even though we can’t meet in our parish communities, we can still be the Church with, and for, one another. As this page continues to grow, may we walk this road together.


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