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Cantaré Eternamente/For Ever I Will Sing

Cantaré Eternamente/For Ever I Will Sing

Enrich liturgical celebrations with unique psalm settings.

"In welcoming another language and culture [worshipers] are really welcoming their sisters and brothers who speak this other language and live this other culture." —Preface

The purpose of bilingual music is to bring people together—in the parish, the diocese and beyond—in a way, which gives voice to their diversity and at the same time provides an experience of unity. This unity-in-diversity, which is the Church, should find expression in the Church's liturgy. And from this methodology Cantaré Eternamente was born.

The most comprehensive collection of bilingual psalmody for the liturgical year, Cantaré Eternamente is for parishes that want to give voice to their diversity through a truly unifying musical experience.

Each of the 46 psalms is fully bilingual and most also provide all-Spanish and all-English versions. Together, the composers' songs represent a wide variety of music, including mariachi, samba, danzón cubano, folk, chant and Taizé-style refrains.

The accompanying keyboard and guitar songbooks provide your musicians with all the accompaniments they need to bring these unique psalm settings to life.

Volume 1: Bilingual psalm settings for Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time and Thanksgiving Day.

Volume 2: Bilingual psalm settings for Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Ascension and general use.

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