August 26, 2019

5 Songs for Lent and Easter that will excite your choir

5 Songs for Lent and Easter that will excite your choir

Discover new music for your choir from the Choral Review Service. With 25 songs of varying difficulty, instrumentation and style, you’ll discover breathtaking choral works from respected liturgical composers. Below are just a few examples of the music within the packet, plus a detailed description and insight on how to use each piece.

All Praise and Glad Thanksgiving
Arranged by Randall DeBruyn / GOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESEN

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: SATB, Descant
Instrumentation: Organ, Two-Trumpet, Two-Trombone

This rousing concertato arrangement of GOTT VATER SEI GEPRIESEN is scored for SATB Choir with descant, organ and brass quartet. The melody is never obscured by the opulent setting, which will help encourage assembly participation. Each of the three verses is framed by fanfare-like brass statements. It works equally well at the beginning or end of any festive liturgy.

Drawn By His Word
Michael Joncas

Difficulty level: Medium
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: Organ

Uplifting, with a feeling of forward motion imparted through an oscillating, march-like harmonic progression, this original hymn tune and text is ideal as an entrance song, especially for rites of religious profession. Covering topics such as Christian life, discipleship, ministry and mission, this piece gradually builds in energy over five verses, from a unison first verse to a full SATB setting of the fifth.

O Word of Christ
Sarah Hart / Dwight Liles

Difficulty level: Easy/Medium
Voicing: SATB, Three-Part
Instrumentation: Keyboard, Guitar

Presented with a fresh new SATB choral arrangement (with the keyboard score) alongside the original 3-part arrangement (with the guitar score), this contemporary title is appropriate for any liturgy focused on the topics of love for one another and God’s love for us. It is especially appropriate during preparation of the gifts or Communion.

Resucitó/He Is Risen/Ngài Đã Phục Sinh
Kiko Argüello

Difficulty level: Easy
Voicing: SATB, Two-Part
Instrumentation: Keyboard, Guitar

Argüello’s catchy, well-known assembly song for Easter allows for further participation with the addition of Vietnamese lyrics. SATB parts are included in the keyboard score and an alternate two-part setting is included within the guitar part. The energetic balada rítmica style represents the joy we experience in the Resurrection and is especially effective as an opening or closing song for liturgy.

Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless Child
Arranged by Scott Soper / Traditional Spiritual

Difficulty level: Medium
Voicing: SAB, No Assembly
Instrumentation: a cappella

A classic African-American spiritual, “Motherless Child” is ideal for use during contemplative and meditative moments in liturgy. Arranged for SAB a cappella choir, it’s set with a swing feel and utilizes descending chromatic harmonies. The melody is passed between each section of the choir, and is supported by accompanying harmonies throughout.

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Choral Review Service

These songs can be found in the 2019 Fall Packet from the Choral Review Service. Offering music for traditional and contemporary choirs, children’s voices and intercultural ensembles, the Choral Review Service is the best way to find something new for your choir and community.

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