September 21, 2020

Amen, Let It Be Done

As we receive the Body of Christ in the eucharistic liturgy, the Church on earth sings in union with the heavenly kingdom. This powerful Communion song inspires us to bring Christ’s love to the world.

Word became flesh, now flesh becomes the word
to bring good news, to set the captives free.
Like bread that’s changed becomes your holy presence,
Lord, let us be your love for all the world.

Amen, amen, let it be done.
Right here in this place,
O Lord, let us become the love receive,
the hope our world needs,
in the Body and the Blood.
Amen, amen, let it be done.

Lord, make us one: forgiven and forgiving,
one heart, one mind, one body and one bread;
with saints of old and all the hosts of heaven
around your throne, one living song of praise.


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