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October 22, 2019

Gracias, Señor

In this exclusive Commons video, Azeneth González sings her spirited “Gracias, Señor,” a song of thanksgiving from her joyful Spanish Mass setting, Misa Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús (Mass of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus). As a full-time missionary of music, Azeneth has shared her faith all over the world as she inspires everyone, especially young people, to discover the love and mercy of Christ.

(Translation of refrain)
Thank you, thank you, Lord,
for we have been granted
your strength and your compassion.

Thank you, thank you, Lord,
for we have been invited
to the feast of Communion.

En este video exclusivo de “the Commons”, Azeneth González canta su muy animado, “Gracias, Señor”, un canto de agradecimiento de su misa vibrante y conmovedora, Misa Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús. Como misionera musical de tiempo completo, Azeneth ha compartido su fe por todo el mundo, inspirando a todos, especialmente los jóvenes, a que descubran el amor y misericordia de Cristo.

Gracias, gracias, Señor,
por habernos concedido
tu fortaleza y tu compasión.

Gracias, gracias, Señor,
por habernos invitado
al banquete de la comunión.

The Commons is a series of unplugged interviews with the top Catholic recording artists. These are candid interviews and intimate performances by top contemporary Catholic musicians.