February 4, 2022

OCP celebrates 100 years of Catholic music, ministry and service

OCP 100 years


Founded in 1922 as the Catholic Truth Society of Oregon, OCP celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Though much has changed since 1922, much remains the same. The Society was and OCP still is focused on publishing in service of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the U.S. and the world.

Of course, OCP is perhaps best known for its popular Catholic music and missals, like Breaking Bread. This year, we’re streamlining our missal line in order to help parishes more easily find the resource that best meets their particular needs. While some options are going away, our missals overall will be more robust and comprehensive, especially in terms of readings and propers for daily Masses. We hope this expanded content inspires a resurgence in daily Mass attendance.

Parish Grants will also figure prominently this year. This unique program has given more than $3.3 million in direct financial assistance to more than 1,500 parishes around the country. This year’s application deadline is May 30, 2022.

But Parish Grants is just one of many ways that OCP gives back to the Church. We have a longstanding tradition of replacing worship materials lost or damaged in natural disasters, free of charge, and OCP generously sponsors important Church ministries and initiatives, including V Encuentro and other USCCB programs, not to mention significant, annual support for the Archdiocese of Portland. This charity flows directly out of OCP’s not-for-profit status, and its mission to “bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all.”

Truly, OCP is a great asset to the Church, one we can all be proud of. Please join us in celebrating our first centennial and help us to kick off our second 100 years of ministry and service to the people of God.

Wade Wisler
Wade Wisler

Wade Wisler currently serves as the Publisher of OCP. During his 20-plus years at OCP, he has held the roles of Copywriter, Worship Publications Manager and Director of Music Development and Outreach, among others. Wade’s background as a musician and a Spanish speaker have been essential in every one of these roles, and his devotion to the Catholic Church is evident in all aspects of his life.