April 16, 2021


In a year fraught with anxiety, where do we find peace? Our faith brings us comfort, so we ask God for mercy, peace, and healing — for ourselves, yes, but for our neighbor too. Sarah Hart's "Petition" is a song that lifts up in prayer many of those for whom we have found new gratitude: caregivers, health workers, teachers, and for those most in need of our prayer: patients in hospitals, struggling students, the hungry, the lonely. As we strive to understand that which those around us endure, we are grateful for the gift they give us. Sing or listen to this song in prayer groups and personal devotions.

O Lord, have mercy on us all,
grant us your peace,
bring us your healing.

For those who tend the sick
with love that knows no fear,
be ever at their side.
And for the suffering ones
who lean into your care,
with healing now abide.

For those who serve the weak
with kindness reaching out,
O be their source and help.
And for the lonely ones,
may every heart be found
and in your mercy, held.

For those who freely give
who toil without praise,
lead them to rest in you.
And we who may receive,
O help us understand
our debt of gratitude.

For those who’ve lost so much
and fear for losing all,
O fill their cup with hope.
And let us reach in faith,
reminding those who weep
that they are not alone.


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