May 22, 2024

Preparing for the New Liturgical Year: Music and Resources for 2025

Preparing for the New Liturgical Year: Music and Resources for 2025


If you are a music minister preparing for the 2025 liturgical year, do not miss this webinar! Hosted by National Parish Sales Manager Cristy van Trikt, along with OCP experts and composers, you’ll hear about new music and helpful resources for 2025. Watch the recording below and find links to the resources mentioned by our presenters.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Hear new music being added to Breaking Bread and Today’s Missal Music Issue
  • Learn about licensing music
  • Discover new digital libraries
  • Explore the new Spanish-language resource,
  • Learn more about formation opportunities offered by OCP’s Center for Learning
  • And more!


Jay Branham,  Digital Innovation & Products Manager

Dr. Glenn Byer, Worship Publications Manager

Matt Reichert, Center for Learning Director

Koren Ruiz, OCP Hispanic Initiatives Director

Alex Salazar, Digital Print Product Manager

Angela Westhoff-Johnson, Director of Product Development

If your parish uses Breaking Bread, Today's Missal, Today's Missal Music Issue or Heritage Missal, please help us determine the liturgical music that goes into your resource by taking our Annual Music Survey before August 15, 2024.

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You can also sign up to join OCP’s new Advisory Council – this exciting new initiative offers OCP customers the chance to be called on to share their honest feedback through focus groups, surveys and more.

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  • Learn more about OCP music reprint permissions here
  • Learn more about OCP’s Center for Learning here

Resource links:

New music featured in Breaking Bread 2025 and Today’s Missal Music Issue 2025: