February 24, 2022

"In the Living Waters" by Sarah Hart — The RE Congress 2022 theme song

The theme for RE Congress this year is "Living Waters of Hope" — a call to embrace our hope and “strike the rock so that water will flow from it” (Exodus 17:6).

To celebrate this message, beloved OCP artist Sarah Hart wrote "In the Living Waters" as the the official theme song of RE Congress 2022. Drawing from her roots in folk music, Sarah was also inspired by the creeks and waterways of her childhood growing up in the Ohio Valley, which served as a symbol of that living water that Jesus offers the Samaritan woman in the Gospels.

This upbeat song is a wonderful reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. Even when our lives feel dry, we know the answer to the Samaritan woman's question in John 4:11, "Where then can you get this living water?"

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