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May 4, 2020

The House that Love Is Building

The rich imagery of Sarah Hart’s lyrics is underscored by a striking and simple melody that is housed in a contemporary arrangement. The result is a masterpiece of hymn craft that celebrates the boundless and generous love of God.

In the house that Love is building,
There is room enough for all,
Endless welcome in her rafters,
Mercy singing through her walls.
Here is refuge for all people
From every tribe and tongue.
In the house that love is building
There is room for everyone.

In the garden Love is tending
There’s a great and boundless feast,
Where the seeds of hope are planted,
And the yield is heaven’s peace.
As the field becomes a harvest
For the many hungry ones,
In the garden Love is tending
There’s enough for everyone.

Oh, the song that Love is raising
Is of pure, unending light
In the voices of her people,
rising to eternal skies.
Now the darkness shall be swallowed
By the Living Word of God.
Oh, the song that Love is raising
Is a song for everyone.

In the house that Love is building
There is room for everyone.

In this private lesson discussing assembly participation and instrumentation, Sarah Hart teaches viewers how to play her recently released "The House that Love Is Building." Touching on themes of inclusion and hope, this song can be found in her upcoming collection, Love as Never Before.


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