The Transformative Power of Faith

By Grayson Warren Brown

The Transformative Power of Faith

This inspirational book features scriptural encounters and personal experiences in an exploration of faith and its power in our lives.
The Transformative Power of Faith [Book Softcover]

Scriptural and Personal Reflections

Drawing heavily from Scripture, personal experience as a pastoral minister and 40 years of traveling the world, acclaimed speaker and composer Grayson Warren Brown's latest book makes a compelling case for the transformative power of faith. He does this not only by digging into God's word but by sharing events from his personal history that reveal God’s hand at work in his life.

Experience Life-changing Encounters

Grayson focuses especially on three characters from the Gospels who have life-changing encounters with Jesus: Bartimaeus, Zacchaeus and the hemorrhaging woman from Luke chapter 8. He brings the characters to life, making their circumstances real and contemporary, which enables the reader to experience a deeper understanding of these encounters with Jesus — and ultimately invites them to their own “transformative” encounter.

Personal and Entertaining

Other highlights include Grayson’s reflections (as a native New Yorker) on 9/11 as well as his use of contemporary pop culture examples like Star Wars and Major League Baseball to highlight and teach about faith. Written in an informal and personal writing style, the book features Grayson’s signature sense of humor. Many of the stories — such as his attempt to get a driver’s license through a notorious branch of the New York DMV — will have readers laughing out loud.

“I absolutely love The Transformative Power of Faith. The depth of theological insight is remarkable. It is a masterpiece on spirituality.” –Fr. Giles Conwill, Diocese of San Diego