The Heart of Our Music, Volumes 1-3

By John Foley, S.J.

The Heart of Our Music, Volumes 1-3

This three-volume set features enriching insights and new ideas on liturgy and ministry from experts in the field.
The Heart of Our Music, Volumes 1-3 [Book Softcover]
Reflections on Music and Liturgy by Members of the Liturgical Composers Forum

In The Heart of Our Music, master practitioners of the art of liturgical music come together to offer enriching insights, a stirring vision and practical new ideas that will change the way you think about liturgy and liturgical ministry. These reflections are written with the needs of parish liturgists and liturgical musicians in mind. Contributors include Paul Inwood, Bob Hurd, Father Michael Joncas, Columba Kelly and more. This set contains all three volumes.

Volume 1: Underpinning Our Thinking

This volume offers reflections on the role of composition, the role of music, the kind of language we use, the missionary dimension of our texts and music, whether esthetic beauty is the only quality needed and how we think about and name God in the songs we sing.

Volume 2: Practical Considerations

This volume features reflections on who sings, the kind of music they sing, the acoustic qualities of our worship spaces, the act of singing itself, the sort of idioms we use, the challenges of multicultural music, how we might better evaluate what we do and music in the U.S. Church today.

Volume 3: Digging Deeper

This volume includes reflections on how the music we sing and play comes across to the people, processes for bringing different cultures together, the way we think about liturgy and the way we think about ourselves in liturgy.