Choir Prayers, Volume 3

By Jeanne K. Hunt

Choir Prayers, Volume 3

More apt and timely prayers to inspire your ensemble during rehearsal.
Choir Prayers, Volume 3 [Book Softcover]

Author Jeanne Hunt continues her indispensable series with Choir Prayers, Volume 3. Filled with personal, apt and often humorous entries, this one-of-a-kind resource offers a unique way to unite a choir in prayer throughout the liturgical year. Choir directors and members alike will appreciate the breadth of wisdom Hunt shares. With experience as a liturgist, vocalist and choir director, she composes insightful and poetic pieces, making Choir Prayers, Volume 3 perfect for both rehearsals and personal reflection.

This softcover collection is organized according to season, with special prayers written for feast days and holy days. Hunt’s writing beautifully captures the essence of celebrations like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, while continuing to shine during the season of Ordinary Time. Here, readers will find prayers like, “Autumn’s Canticle,” “Prayer for a Rainy Day,” and the whimsical “Who’s Flat?”:

Lord, someone is flat,
or could it be that we are all flat?
Nothing is worse for the choir than being flat.
Just when someone says, “we are never flat,”
that ugly flat monster rears its head. (Lines 1–5)

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