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Coronavirus and the Church: Parish Support

Coronavirus and the Church: Parish Support


Coronavirus and the Church: Parish Support


The novel coronavirus has greatly affected the ways in which we worship. With recommendations on social distancing from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of people gathered in houses of worship has decreased. Parish leaders now turn to social media, livestreaming and other digital methods to reach the faithful, while working diligently to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure public safety and public health. The guide for churches seems to be everchanging in this new world of coronavirus. Church singing has changed, with many local churches opting for smaller choirs, kindly asking that both singers and the congregation wear masks. In such a bizarre, truly unpredictable time, we need guidance; guidance for faith communities across the country and around the world.

At OCP, we realize that this is a difficult time for many. Yet, our commitment to serve the Body of Christ hasn’t changed since our founding nearly 100 years ago. Below, you’ll find a variety of blogs, videos, playlists and fundraising programs designed to assist your parish as it faces many tough challenges on the road ahead. We hope that these resources provide you with hope and help to serve your community.



Learn how to get the most out of your missal program, whether your parish is open to the public or streaming Masses.

Is your congregation ready to celebrate Mass?
Free Music for Livestreamed Mass


Stay up to date on information surrounding livestreaming equipment, streamed Masses and music licensing.

Streaming Mass: Reaching parishioners online while parishes are closed
Intermediate and advanced livestreaming: A helpful guide
Adding song lyrics and slides to your livestream
Licensing music for the streamed Mass
How to report song usage for livestreamed Masses
Reaching souls with trepidation: How I began livestreaming the Mass


Discover the variety of possibilities in music projection and virtual worship aids.

Creating a lyric projection template
Addressing the 5 fears of taking your ministry digital
Pros and Cons of Projection at Mass
What you can and can’t project at Mass
What you can and can’t project at Mass
What you can and can’t project at Mass

Music selection

Rediscover and implement inspiring music to help your community through this difficult time.

Adaptable songs for cantors
25 songs that every parishioner knows by heart
Liturgical music after the pandemic
Music for small choirs

Additional resources

Resources for Music Ministers

Read about some of the struggles that music ministers across the country are facing, and find unique solutions to many of these problems.


Resources for Youth Ministers

Discover ways to inspire and engage the youth in your community — from music directors and artists across the country.


Resources for consolation and grief

As public gatherings shut down, pain and grief are not finding their usual comforting outlets in gatherings like funerals and prayer services. The blogs below have been created to help those suffering with grief.


Book a virtual event for your community

Invite an OCP artist for a digital workshop, concert or retreat, and bring hope and inspiration to your parishioners. Find available artists


Streaming audio

Below are playlists for healing, grief and hope that can be shared and linked in your parish communications. You can also easily find our regularly updated streaming channels at the bottom of every page on Follow our profiles to receive all updates on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

Healing in Christ
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