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Ministry is hard – are you getting the support you need?

The Center for Learning provides programs and resources to make Catholic ministries more effective. Ministry can be hard, and it’s only gotten harder in recent years. We’re all expected to do more with less, leading to burnout and unwanted turnover. That’s why we accompany ministers in their work, offering opportunities for formation as well as long-term support through personalized coaching, professional learning communities, education and more.



How we can help

Do you ever feel like you’re not reaching your full potential as a minister? It’s easy to believe you’re never doing enough, but there’s a reason we are called to bear one another’s burdens. Ministry is not a solitary calling. Get the support you need from one of the Center for Learning’s programs.


Ministry coaching

The Center for Learning’s personalized coaching services provide one-on-one support for liturgical and pastoral ministers in parishes, Catholic schools and other ministries. Whether you need help building or managing a ministry team, leading ministries in a merged parish, effectively preparing the liturgy, running rehearsals, or just finding balance, ministry coaching can help you to improve organization, communication, stress management and more.


Professional learning communities

Ministers wear a lot of hats and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of a parish, merged parish or school ministry. But we’re not meant to minister alone! Our work is only possible when united to Christ and his Church – that’s why the Center for Learning is committed to building relationships and investing in local communities of ministry professionals who can support and learn from one another.


Contact the Center for Learning to learn more about these and other programs


For Spanish-speaking ministers


Instituto OCP

Offering liturgical formation and training for Hispanic pastoral musicians, these day-long events provide an introduction to music in the liturgy and the role of musicians in the celebration of the Eucharist. The day also includes skill development sessions, providing an opportunity for hands on learning for musicians and participants. Emphasis is placed on the role of the musician as disciple and minister, the development of particular skills and models for becoming better pastoral musicians. Learn more here .


OCP Workshop Series

These Spanish-language workshops for pastoral musicians offer formation opportunities on a variety of subjects relating to liturgy, music, ministry and spirituality. Consisting of four sessions of about two to three hours each, the workshops can be presented in person, virtually or as a hybrid of the two at various levels of difficulty, depending on the audience. Contact Koren Ruiz to learn more.


Frequently asked questions

  • Does my parish need to use OCP products to participate in the Center for Learning?

    No! The Center’s mission is educative, not commercial. As such, there is no requirement that participants use products published by OCP and the Center’s programs will not be used as marketing opportunities.

  • What is ministry coaching?

    Our coaches are experienced ministers who can help you work through problems in your ministry and provide educated advice as well as a listening ear. They provide individualized, customized ministry support, helping to develop desired competencies, skills and confidence. Ministry coaching is not mental health care, therapy, counseling or spiritual direction. That said, it can be a therapeutic experience and is certainly not devoid of a spiritual component.

  • Do I have to be a musician?

    No! The Center for Learning isn’t just for musicians or liturgists. Along with music directors and liturgical ministers, we work with pastors, deacons, youth ministers, parish leaders and staff, diocesan leaders and staff, Catholic school leaders and staff, and more.

  • I am interested but I don’t want people to think I can’t do my job. What should I do?

    A lot of people are hesitant to sign up for ministry coaching or professional learning communities because it’s hard to ask for help. But the Center for Learning’s programs are designed to provide education and support, not rescue bad ministers. Some pastors ask their ministers to sign up for coaching for just that reason – they want to improve performance and decrease burnout. We think that working to improve the effectiveness of your ministry through coaching or other efforts is a sign that you can do your job and want to do it well.

  • Does the Center for Learning offer any Spanish-language or bilingual resources?

    Yes! The Center for Learning helps administrate OCP Institutos, events which offer liturgical formation and training for Hispanic pastoral musicians all across the United States. Learn more about these important Spanish-language formational events here.

    The Center for Learning hopes to expand its Spanish-language and bilingual offerings soon, including the addition of Spanish-language ministry coaching and more.


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