Today's Music for Today's Church


Give the musicians of your community the gift of this long-awaited 27-CD collection featuring more than 800 songs and the new music found in Breaking Bread, Today's Missal and Music Issue.
Today's Music for Today's Church CD Library [CD]




This dramatically improved collection spans the breadth of OCP's musical offerings from the past 30 years. An essential resource for learning and organization, this beautiful song set reduces valuable rehearsal time while showcasing the full potential of each song. This is the perfect resource for your music director, choir members, organist, pianist and other musicians to learn new music quickly and efficiently.

Today's Music for Today's Church includes the new music that has appeared in the missals in recent years, as well as the standard favorites, all in one convenient collection. Expert performers, artists and composers deliver unmatched sound quality, and many complete recordings of the more than 800 songs are included.

Find songs quickly with the detailed booklet that lists songs alphabetically by title/composer, disc and track number. Enjoy the durable hardcover binder, which is ideal for convenient, safe storage and ready accessibility of all 27 discs!