August 3, 2020

Is your congregation ready to celebrate Mass?

Is your congregation ready to celebrate Mass?

In recent months, we have learned of triumph and challenge, rapid developments with sometimes hasty responses to the limitations imposed by COVID-19. Decisions were made with little time to innovate and declining staff hours. Even with partial opening of churches around the country, most people are maintaining quarantine at home. So the question must be asked, How do we maintain a connection with the congregation, choir members and musicians?

Livestreamed celebrations of the Mass, compline and morning prayer shared online has been a lifeline for those isolated at home; a portal for wisdom and truth in the midst of turmoil and a way to rejuvenate spiritually. To further support worship from home and comply with mandates to avoid sharing printed materials, OCP has developed the framework for each member of the congregation to have access to resources in a safe way.

OCP staff has begun communicating with worship ministry leaders about a turnkey personal missal program to distribute familiar resources for personal use at home and in church. Quantities are shared only between members of the same household for the celebration of the Mass, prayer and reflection.

Parishioner Personal Missal Program

  1. For liturgical year 2020 – OCP Parish Ministry Services has arranged to ship FREE missals (shipping charges apply) to ensure ample quantities for members of the congregation. Orders are on a first-come first-served basis.
  2. For liturgical year 2021 – We’re offering a missal distribution toolkit to aid parishes in acquiring missals at volume pricing, so that parishioners may in turn purchase from you. This can serve as a great fundraising opportunity for your community. Books may be resold at a set price or “free will” offering. This accomplishes three things:
    • It enhances the worship experience for those participating in the celebration of the liturgy, whether at home or in church. Resources can also be used for quiet reflection or group prayer at home.
    • It allows your parishioners to assess resource needs and support their faith community. You can start by asking about interest in the program. Then, create a pre-order list, so that there is a good estimation of quantities needed.
    • It fosters a healthy environment while reaching all generations of your parish community. With organized staging, social distancing, sanitizing supplies and personal protection, distribution may be accomplished in an orderly and safe manner.

With so much going on in the home, just the presence of a missal atop a dining room table or coffee table can serve as a reminder to plan and prepare our hearts for the celebration of Mass. OCP takes pride in presenting our publications with color and imagery that will inspire your household to open the book, turn the pages and experience its contents. Please share the Parishioner Personal Missal Program with your fellow parishioners and friends at other congregations. I am happy to visit and answer any questions you may have.

Learn more about the Parishioner Personal Missal Program!

Joyce Melendez Campbell
Joyce Melendez Campbell

Joyce Melendez Campbell, Regional Parish Services Manager, advises Church and diocese leaders in the Northwest, Central States and Canada on how best to engage parishioners and enhance worship, while preserving resources of talent, time and budget. For over 25 years, she has enjoyed singing in the soprano section of her church choir and has supported liturgy and music as lector and cantor for both English and Spanish services. She has also served in Taizé service ministry for over 10 years. With her commercial banking background, Joyce leads parish finance ministry in funding outreach and ministry programs, building maintenance, capital improvements, cash flow planning and budget management.