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August 13, 2016

Launching three new blog channels

Music, Worship, Service

For decades, OCP has had the great privilege of supporting the liturgical music needs of the Catholic Church all over the globe, especially in the United States. This month we are launching a new unified ocp.org website that will place the music and content that you deserve at your fingertips. We are very excited to continue to support you and the millions of Catholics worldwide who grow deeper in their faith each week due in part to the music and resources provided by OCP.

In support of the OCP mission “to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all...,” we are launching three new blog channels: Music, Worship and Service. These channels approach who we are as a Catholic community—rooted deeply in our celebration of the liturgy—from three distinct angles but with one unified purpose to unite our community as one; to inspire holiness in all believers; to share the message of truth that is universal. We accomplish this by engaging deeply in the tradition of the Church that Jesus established through the celebration of the liturgy.

OCP is the steward of some powerful gifts to achieve this mission, gifts found not only in the copyrights we publish but also in those who create and manage them. Our three channels of blog content will serve as an outlet for those gifts.

Through the Music blog channel we look in -- into our personal relationship with God. It’s about the inspirational music that reaches inward to our very being and enhances how we experience God’s grace in our lives. From King David to contemporary composers, we dive into the words, music and inspiration that help us to pray and contemplate the many gifts God offers us, whether we are celebrating the liturgy or driving to work. In this channel you will find posts about liturgical music; songs of praise, worship and adoration and content from—and about—the artists and composers who share their blessings with us.

The Worship channel directs our focus up. The parish community as the body of Christ reaches upward in communal worship most fully in the celebration of the Eucharist. This channel supports liturgical planning and music ministry programs with formational and educational topics such as song suggestions for the sprinkling rite, starting a multicultural choir, or introducing a new Mass setting to your parish. These are just a few examples of the type of content you will find in this enriching channel.

The Service channel reaches out into the world. We are called by Jesus, as the body of Christ, to be his hands and feet in the world. More recently we were called by Pope St. John Paul II to participate in “The New Evangelization” in a renewed effort to make our ancient faith relevant in today’s culture. Through service we show the world the love of God, and this channel helps us to share that love. It’s no coincidence that charity means both love and service. Whether it’s a liturgy that the Pope is celebrating in America, a high school event at a parish, or a mission trip to Ghana, this channel is where we share stories of charity from across America and the world at large.

We hope that these three new channels, in combination with our existing channels (The Commons, Liturgy Podcast and Spirit Spot, previously brought to you on spiritandsong.com) will provide valuable information and music resources for you to develop your ministry, both as a community and individually, to become a conduit of God’s love and service. Join us weekly to read articles, watch videos and listen to songs from composers, artists and Catholic thought-leaders from around the world.