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June 1, 2020

Our God Is Here/Dios Está Aquí

Iván Díaz and Chris Muglia collaborate on a new Spanish and English version of Chris’ popular contemporary worship song. Originally composed as a way to invite people into the sacred liturgy, this bilingual setting expands the song’s outreach and offers an opportunity to unite diverse communities of faith.

Here in this time, here in this place,
here we are standing face to face.
Here in our hearts, here in our lives,
our God is here.

En la fortaleza y debilidad,
en este templo de unidad,
en nuestras vidas, en el corazón:
Dios está aquí.

And we cry: “Holy! Holy! Holy are you!”
Clamamos: ¡Santo, Santo, Santo eres tú!
Amen, we do believe our God is here.
Dios está aquí.


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