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Regarding the Spanish-language lectionaries


Regarding the Spanish-language lectionaries

Spanish Language Lectionary

Since 2003, following a directive from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), OCP’s Spanish and bilingual missals have used the readings from the Mexican lectionary, and the psalms and Gospel Acclamations from Spain found in the Leccionario: Edición Hispanoamericana. (It is important to clarify that this translation reflects the Spanish language usage of Latin America.)

The USCCB had planned to publish a Spanish-language lectionary for the United States very shortly after that. This lectionary would have contained those same elements: the readings from Mexico and the psalms from Spain. For various reasons, this has not occurred yet.

Our current understanding from the USCCB is that in 5 to 10 years there will be a Spanish-language lectionary for the United States based on a new translation of the Bible developed by the Episcopal Conferences of all the Latin American countries and the United States.

Until then, we will continue to follow the directives of the USCCB. We understand that this means that parishes will not have a single lectionary with all the readings and Gospel Acclamations, but it is essential that we follow the direction of the Bishops.

There may be some confusion since the USCCB website shows only the psalms from the Mexican lectionary. However, please be assured that the psalms we are using are approved for use in liturgy and have been since 1982. Other publishers, such as World Library Publications and Liturgical Press, also use the psalms from Spain in their worship aids.