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Forty Days and Forty Nights

George H. Smyttan

Forty Days and Forty Nights

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Forty days and forty nights

You were fasting in the wild;

Forty days and forty nights

Tempted, and yet undefiled.


Shall not we your sorrow share

And from worldly joys abstain,

Fasting with unceasing prayer,

Strong with you to suffer pain?


Then if Satan on us press,

Flesh or spirit to assail,

Victor in the wilderness,

Grant we may not faint nor fail!


So shall we have peace divine:

Holier gladness ours shall be;

Round us, too, shall angels shine,

Such as served you faithfully.


Keep, O keep us, Savior dear,

Ever constant by your side;

That with you we may appear

At th’eternal Eastertide.

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Scripture: Hebreos 2
Lucas 4
Mateo 4
Day: Tiempo de Cuaresma Cuaresma (Domingos y Ferias)
Tiempo de Cuaresma Miércoles de Ceniza