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Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi/Sing, My Tongue, the Savior’s Glory

Edward Caswall

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Nobis datus, nobis natus

Ex intácta Virgine,

Et in mundo conversátus,

Sparso verbi sémine,

Sui moras incolátus

Miro clausit órdine.


In suprémae nocte coenae,

Récumbens cum frátribus,

Observáta lege plene

Cibis in legálibus,

Cibum turbae duodénae

Se dat suis mánibus.


Verbum caro, panem verum

Verbo carnem éfficit:

Fitque sanguis Christi merum,

Et si sensus déficit,

Ad firmándum cor sincérum

Sola fides súfficit.

**5. Tantum ergo Sacraméntum

Venerémur cérnui:

Et antíquum documéntum

Novo cedat rítui:

Praestet fides suppleméntum

Sénsuum deféctui.


Genitóri, Genitóque

Laus et jubilátio,

Salus, honor, virtus quoque

Sit et benedíctio:

Procedénti ab utróque

Compar sit laudátio.

*1. Sing, my tongue, the Savior’s glory,

Of his flesh the mystery sing;

Of the Blood, all price exceeding,

Shed by our immortal King,

Destined for the world’s redemption,

From a noble womb to spring.


Of a pure and spotless virgin

Born for us on earth below,

He, as man, with us conversing,

Stayed, the seeds of truth to sow;

Then he closed in solemn order

Wondrously his life of woe.


On the night of that last supper,

Seated with his chosen band,

He, the Paschal victim eating,

First fulfills the Law’s command;

Then as food, to the disciples

Gives himself with his own hand.


Word made flesh, the bread of nature

By his word to flesh he turns;

Wine into his blood he changes:

What though sense no change discerns?

Only be the heart in earnest,

Faith its lesson quickly learns.

**5. Down in adoration falling,

This great sacrament we hail;

Over ancient forms of worship

Newer rites of grace prevail;

Faith will tell us Christ is present,

When our human senses fail.


To the everlasting Father,

And the Son who made us free,

And the Spirit, God proceeding

From them each eternally,

Be salvation, honor, blessing,

Might and endless majesty.

*Verses 1-4 are repeated as necessary until the procession reaches the place of repose.

**Verses 5-6 are sung while the priest, kneeling, incenses the Blessed Sacrament.

Then the Blessed Sacrament is placed in the tabernacle of repose.

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Day: Triduo Pascual Jueves Santo de la Cena del Señor: Misa Vespertina
Solemnidades del Señor durante el Tiempo Ordinario Santísimo Cuerpo y Sangre de Cristo (Corpus Christi)
Ritual: Exposición Eucarística
Liturgical: Devociones Adoración del Santísimo
Scripture: 1 Corintios 11
Lucas 22
1 Corintios 10
Juan 6